Interactive Distance Education

Interactive Distance Education

The Educational Broadband Service was originally designated for instructional television broadcasts.  Programs were broadcast from a central location to schools within the receive area (typically 35 miles from the broadcast site).  Views On Learning educational programming was delivered through channels on a wireless cable TV system.

Lifesize Video Conference EquipmentIn 2005, the FCC transitioned the spectrum from analog to digital.  This transition allowed for two-way communication (wireless internet services) and changed from a central transmission site to a cellular approach with multiple towers in the service area.  Views On Learning granted LifeSize® video conferencing systems to schools and hosted a conferencing bridge to allow video conferencing, virtual classrooms, and video field trips.

Fast forward to today...  Handheld devices have become more prolific, bandwidth has increased dramatically, and video conferencing services have moved to the cloud.  Views On Learning has contracted with Zoom® to provide cloud-based video conferencing services.  The conference system is easy to use, works with a myriad of devices (including our legacy Lifesize® equipment), and has a great feature set for education.

Views On Learning is able to provide a limited number of Zoom® licenses to accredited schools in our Educational Broadband Service areas and other organizations willing to share resources with them (museums, libraries, and other typical field trip destinations).

For more information and to determine eligibility, contact us using any of the methods listed at the bottom of the page.

Views On Learning Zoom Portal (access Views On Learning conference services)

Zoom for Education Information (information about the Zoom conference service)

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