2020 Technology Innovation Grant Application Deadline Extended

2020 Technology Innovation Grant Application Deadline Extended

Education, healthcare, and businesses are facing challenges due to the Coronavirus (COVID-19).  Views On Learning has been taking steps to help navigate through the uncertainty of current and future events. 

  • Views On Learning awards Technology Innovation Grants for Educational Resources of up to $25,000 (based on student enrollment).  The grant application window normally opens April 1st through May 15th, with grants awarded the first week of June.  Due to the challenges schools face during the pandemic, the grant application deadline has been extended 30 days to June 15.  It is our hope that schools in our service areas will have an opportunity to catch their breath from the school year and complete the grant application. The grant application process is straightforward and completed online.


  • Many schools have been closed for extended periods.  Views On Learning has Zoom Video Conferencing licenses available for schools in our market areas at no cost (limited quantities).  Zoom is an easy-to-use cloud-based video conferencing platform that allows face-to-face or one-to-many interaction on virtually any device with a built-in camera.  It is a great supplement for those e-learning days that will allow direct interaction between a teacher and their students.

  • VOL also has a limited number of no-cost wireless hotspots available to school in our service areas.  The hotspots connect to the Sprint/T-Mobile network and provide WiFi internet access for up to five devices.  They may be used by staff and/or students to provide internet access outside the school building.  There has been high demand for these devices, so availability is limited and there may be extended delivery times.

  • Staff are limiting travel, avoiding large gatherings and conferences, and taking extra precautions to avoid unnecessary exposure.  Where possible, we are encouraging the use of video conferencing and other technologies to replace in-person meetings until the current situation stabilizes.

If your school is located in one of our service areas and have questions regarding our services and/or grants, please contact us.