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More than being a non-profit, Views on Learning is a catalyst for educational change.

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The lack of access to digital tools can hinder students’ success

Without access to technology, students fall behind in today’s interconnected world. Unfortunately, this is the reality for many students who are without critical resources such as mobile broadband, digital readers, interactive tools, and other essential educational technologies. 

This lack of access can stem from various socioeconomic factors. Students from low-income families may live in areas with limited internet infrastructure or their families may struggle to afford internet service and devices. Additionally, some schools may lack the funding to properly equip classrooms with the latest technology. These disparities can hamper students’ ability to learn effectively and participate or compete in a technology-driven world.

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TIGER Grant: Gain a technology boost to enhance student learning

The 2024 Views on Learning Technology Innovation Grants for Educational Resources (TIGER Grant) program is awarding up to $25,000 to eligible schools within our service areas to support innovative technology endeavors. Here's what you can gain:

Don’t delay. While the application window is open from February through October, funding is not unlimited.

STEM Activity Grant: Empower the next generation of innovators

Views on Learning recognizes the importance of fostering a passion for science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) in students. Our STEM Activity Grant provides financial assistance to accredited schools within a 35-mile radius of our service areas to support valuable extracurricular STEM programs and activities beyond the classroom walls.

Examples of eligible activities include:

robotics competitions

Robotics competitions

summer stem camps

Summer STEM camps

stem focused museums

Field trips to STEM-focused museums or facilities

stem professions

Guest speakers from STEM professions

stem project materials

Special STEM project materials

Apply for a STEM Activity Grant today!

Views on Learning bridges the digital divide

Views on Learning (VOL) is a national non-profit organization for education dedicated to giving students equal access to technologies for learning. We work with key partners and accredited institutions to empower learners and transform education for all.

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Here’s how we’re enabling schools to succeed in the digital age:

Educational Grants

Similar to education foundations, we offer technology innovation grants of up to $25,000 to accredited schools in our educational broadband service areas.

Interactive Connectivity

Views on Learning gives a fixed number of Zoom® video conferencing licenses to accredited schools in our service areas to support distance education.

Wireless Internet Access

In cooperation with T-Mobile®, we are able to provide wireless internet devices to schools in our service areas that need them most. 

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We empower individuals and educational institutions nationwide

As an education non-profit organization, Views on Learning provides essential technological resources to:

Accredited public schools

VOL prioritizes supporting accredited public schools, as these institutions often face budgetary constraints that limit their access to the latest technology and critical internet infrastructure.

Students in underserved communities

VOL indirectly targets students from low-income backgrounds who might not have access to reliable internet or advanced educational tools at home.


We equip educators with essential tools to create engaging and effective learning experiences. We also offer professional development opportunities so they can collaborate with colleagues across geographical limitations.

Rural schools

Schools in rural areas often have limited technological resources. VOL's programs directly address this issue by ensuring all students, regardless of background or location, have the same opportunities to excel academically.
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We are a non-profit leader in educational equity

With Views on Learning by your side, your academic institution can expect:

Get a glimpse of the positive impact we're making

VOL’s dedication to educational equity is reflected in the success stories of our partner schools across the nation.

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Views on Learning is born from a passion for education

VOL’s mission is deeply rooted in promoting equitable access to education through technological innovation. Evolving from delivering video content to facilitating video conferencing and distance education over the internet, VOL remains committed to providing wireless internet connectivity and empowering schools with resources to enhance their educational objectives. Our core values include a dedication to fostering lifelong learning, promoting community engagement in education, and leveraging technology to bridge educational gaps.

Our strategic partnerships enable us to extend our reach

We collaborate with leading organizations to amplify our efforts to bridge the digital divide and empower educational institutions nationwide.

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VOL's measurable impact on education

See the quantifiable difference we have made in the field of education.

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